When it comes to finding the ideal venue for your corporate and private events, ReThink’s unique and versatile spaces are unmatched. Conveniently located in the capital’s uptown business district, ReThink provides the perfect escape without having to go very far. This is no ordinary rental facility, but a spatial experience that awakens the senses and spurs creativity, serenity and receptiveness from the moment you step inside. ReThink offers clients the option of utilising one or all of our exclusive spaces to accommodate all of your corporate or private events. Whether your group has 5 or 500, we’re here to make your event dream a reality.

The Exploration Room

Known for eliciting sighs of peace and calm, ReThink’s Exploration Room is an experience unto itself. Upon entering, visitors leave the noise of the outside world behind and are transported to an alternate dimension where tranquility resides.exploration-roomThe Exploration Room was thoughtfully designed to soothe the senses, with its modern yet comfortable furnishings, the subtle trickle from our Zen fountain, bespoke art lining the walls, aroma therapy and subtle piped tunes, no one can deny the shift in mood this space creates. Versatile enough to host corporate day workshops and private dinners, the Exploration Room is the Shangri-la of ReThink.


The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar Room is a cool and appealing space that is a stylish extension of ReThink’s hospitality, welcoming sophisticated intimate affairs. Sexy, functional and fresh, the Wine Cellar room receives small groups for an unsurpassed wine and culinary experience.

wine-cellarSituated adjacent to the Exploration Room, the décor of the Wine Cellar is both cozy and inviting. With its sensuous eclectic charm, the space offers a stimulating contrast of nostalgia and modernism. Our Wine Cellar Room boasts a temperature controlled cask replica that houses over one hundred of the world’s finest wines to satisfy the most discerning palate. This space is ideal for private celebrations or cocktail receptions and can spill out into our Garden Sanctuary for larger events.

Private event catering can be arranged according to guest requirements.

The Garden Sanctuary and Courtyard

Nestled in heart of St. Clair’s emerging liming district, The Garden Sanctuary and Courtyard offers guests the tranquility of a botanical oasis and paved courtyard that can accommodate up to 500 guests comfortably.the-gardenOur beautifully landscaped garden and extended courtyard is perfect for corporate get-aways, garden parties, acoustic music performances, outdoor film screenings, fetes and high end product launches.

Immerse yourself in the cascading sounds of our serenity pond which is home to several different species of fish or lose yourself in our one-of-a-kind contemporary art by world renowned artists on display in our Gallery. Outfitted with a state of the art sound and lighting system, look no further than ReThink’s Garden Sanctuary and Courtyard for your next outdoor event.

The Centering Space

We all need to find work/life balance in order to be our best selves. Our Centering Space was carefully designed to offer visitors a private and safe space where they can abandon their stresses and find their way back to Center.

centering-spaceWith so much going on in today’s fast paced life, it is essential to take time out to focus on the mastery of self. At ReThink, we offer clients and visitors a space solely dedicated to doing so. Through the guidance of one of our experienced Coaches, you can transform your life and state of well-being through consistent and dedicated Meditation and Centering practices in our Centering Space. Ideal for individuals as well as corporate group sessions, let us help you foster the necessary tools to melt away stress and deal effectively with any situation life throws your way. Need a midday escape? We also offer lunch-time guided meditation sessions and a wide selection of literature available on the psychology of happiness, meditation, philosophy and life for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Microsoft have all added Centering spaces to their offices to encourage staff to maximise their productivity, creativity and efficiency through meditation. Our Centering Space is the perfect escape for those in search of more out of life. Dimly lit with an organic feel, you can’t help but feel more in touch with your divine nature from the moment you enter this space.

ReThink resources can be accessed by anyone but membership is assessed to ensure each member conforms to the principles of The Initiative – to promote greater understanding, create a better life, and share happiness every single day. Your happiness is our happiness. We look forward to sharing our Spaciousness with you.