October 5, 2021

Six Angel Awards to Ross | Rethink & Partners

In the midst of these challenging times, we all need to hear the voices of hope encouraging us to rise daily, with a sense of shared purpose and responsibility, to usher in the winds of positive change into our world.

At Ross | ReThink, we are all so thankful to the clients, organisations and individuals who partnered with us to help these voices of hope resonate in the hearts, minds and lives of thousands to bring awareness, inspiration, relief and support to many, in ways greater than we could ever imagine.

It’s the reason why we are humbled and overjoyed to celebrate this year’s Angel Awards presented by the American Advertising Federation, in recognition of the service which we and our partners have committed ourselves to, with unwavering efforts to bring hope to the lives of many in these challenging times.

Amidst our gratitude to everyone for making these awards possible, it is the inspiring power of our human connection with you and those whose lives we continue to change, that will always be our greatest reward.