March 30, 2021

Ross featured at Global Happiness Summit 2021

Ross featured at Global Happiness Summit 2021 of United Nations established University for Peace

Feelings of anxiety and stress are normal reactions to uncertainty and change. For this reason, it is to be expected that during pandemic times, fear increased in people around the world, bringing to the forefront the importance of mental health and wellness.


As a result of the unfortunate events caused by COVID-19, UPEACE innovated its methodologies this 2021 to hold one of their most popular events in a hybrid format, where dozens of participants could be involved virtually and on campus in enlightfull talks and workshops focused on mindful happiness.


For third consecutive year, Ross and Rethink team had the transformative opportunity to be part of the Gross Global Happiness, this time, with a virtual presence.


This 3-day event featured speakers from all over the world, Dr. Saamdu Chetri founder of Gross National Happiness Centre at Bhutan, Loretta Breuning founder of the Inner Mammal Institute and Professor Emerita of Management at California State University, Michael De Jose Belzunce PhD in emotional intelligence applied to businesses and Master in Family Education, ReThink Founder and creator of Intangience™ methodology Ernie Ross, among other impressive panelists.


Ernie Ross presented “How I sold used toothbrushes: a true story” at “Be the change talks” format. Through the use of storytelling of real experiences, Ross presented the trademark branding methodology of Intangience™. His session provided fascinating insights about the language of human connection spoken through shared intangible values and the way brands communicate their message to reach their greatest potential by creating strategies outside the rational sphere and negotiating in an emotional space.


We have all had to learn to adapt to the new changes left by 2020 and be resilient to the new reality, let’s hope that in the years to come these amazing minds can reunite again at University for Peace in Costa Rica.