April 15, 2021

Pandemic of Performance

Have you taken your Pandemic of Performance shot yet?

As the Caribbean reels from the effects of the pandemic, there is welcome news of broad-based support and help through a regional initiative that draws from some of the best global thinkers. Called Pandemic of Performance the initiative is just the shot in the arm we all need in these challenging times. Pandemic of Performance is built upon three platforms of engagement with the public, comprised of insightful and inspirational talks and transformative workshops.

All courses are free to the public on a first registered, first accepted basis. There is no limit to the number of courses taken.

Participants are encouraged to take the complete courses to receive full benefits.

This initiative is made possible through the courtesy of Guardian Group.

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Week 1: Inspiration

Best selling author and global icon on positivity and happiness, Dr Tal Ben Shahar, will share his profound insights on how to overcome adversity and discover a happier, more purposeful life. Dr Shahar has the accolade of conducting the most popular course ever in the history of Harvard University.

UNESCO Artist for Peace and certified Harvard University Coach, Dr Guila Kessous, will conduct an insightful, life-changing session titled The Chained Elephant. This thought-provoking discourse centers around the famous novel by renowned Psychotherapist and writer, Jorge Bocay. Even if you have encountered the story before Guila brings a refreshing new outlook on how applicable it is in today’s environment.


Week 2: Intangience

An entrepreneurial and branding workshop series based upon a trademarked methodology validated and taught through the University for Peace established by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Gain valuable insights into the world of intangible values and learn how you can use the strategies and thinking which big brands and business are successfully deploying even amidst the pandemic. Unlocking these methods can transform how you define and successfully develop your personal and professional life.

Week 3: Innovation & Creativity

A workshop series that provides fascinating insights into the ways in which individuals can explore their innovative and creative abilities. These unique workshops titled Innovationish have been developed by Rich Braden, a professor of the subject at Stanford University who conducts innovative thinking sessions with leaders globally. You will discover abilities and insights you hadn’t realized before and be able to apply new skills and thinking to any circumstance.

Week 4: Innovation & Creativity

We are living in extremely fast-changing times and change is inherently stressful.  When working towards adapting to change or solving problems, we often focus on ‘what did not work’ and what we need to do differently to make things better.

Appreciative Inquiry, developed by Mohit Mukherjee, takes a radically different approach. Instead of focusing on ‘what didn’t work’ and trying to change that, it analyzes a person or a team’s strengths and looks at ‘what worked well’ as a basis for future development.

This session will unlock the powerful practice of Appreciative Inquiry, an innovative process and mindset for strategic planning, change management, and addressing challenging situations faced by individuals or team.