August 21, 2013

Diego Martin Fire Relief

Twenty people became homeless as a result of the fires that ravaged Diego Martin and Laventille in August 2013.. Wanting to help relieve, in some small way, the destitution suffered by these communities, ReThink launched a collection drive for clothing and foodstuff to help these families in their time of need. The response was overwhelming. Jamie Mackie … Continue reading Diego Martin Fire Relief

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July 21, 2013

ReThink Supports The Learning Centre

Rethink is supporting improvements for The Learning Centre in Woodbrook. This is an institution that helps children who are no longer part of the formal education system because they are either academically challenged, underprivileged or victims of abuse. The Learning Centre provides the children with a holistic programme of development that addresses their academic and … Continue reading ReThink Supports The Learning Centre

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100 Days to a Happier You
March 20, 2013

100 Days to a Happier You

ReThink embarked on a “100 Day Happiness Adventure” to “Make T&T Smile” where participants were challenged daily to perform simple meaningful tasks that helped them to discover their happiness through acts of kindness, charity and interaction with others outside of their immediate circles. Participants were encouraged to sign up through our website and were emailed daily … Continue reading 100 Days to a Happier You

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