March 20, 2020

One Way, One World: A leadership initiative

We have developed an ironic world where technology connects us yet creates a practice of distance, where FaceTime has replaced face to face and Zoom has offered our presence anywhere in the absence of real live human interaction. Yet now the coronavirus forces us into that world against our will and we crave the physical closeness of others. 

We can’t meet anymore. We can’t attend sports games or congregate or even shake hands or hugs as we say goodbyes in our retreat to our homes. 

We’re hidden behind masks of fear in a world desperate to sanitize itself. We can’t breathe as the Italian psychologist Morelli profoundly reminds us yet the world is breathing easier because factories spewing filth are closed. 

That which we took for granted isn’t possible anymore as if to remind us all around the world what it means to genuinely connect. 

We are all dependent upon each other. Yet now we can’t hold hands to help. We’re condemned to retreat and live in the world we created. 

Is it working for us? Is this the tough lesson we need? Can we grow from it? Will we help each other understand what extremity does? Entire cities across the planet quarantined! Borders closed. Flights grounded. All perhaps to open our minds and lift the human spirit back to where it needs to be. 
This is our distant embrace. 

A global pandemic of purification. 
A painful renewal. 
A reset of our values and the kind of life we choose to live and bequeath to others. 
A revival of belief in our relatedness and need to hold each other regardless of who we are or where we’re from. Nothing else matters as much. 

And just as this virus spreads rampantly across the planet we share, it’s not asking what color or class or creed or ideology or geographical boundary you might be within, it reduces us to just being humanly vulnerable. 

This is a powerful reminder of how interconnected we all are on earth. 
And just as we can infect one another so easily so too can we affect each other positively. 

May the powerful message of what we mean to each other and the need to get back to genuine human connection go just as viral to nudge an epiphanic understanding of what we’re all about, reminding us of the delicacy and fragility of life and the planet we inhabit.