March 25, 2019

International Day Of Happiness 2019

Bigger and Better in 2019!

When we started preparations for International Happiness Day 2019 the goal was never to go bigger than the previous year. Our mission put simply; to share happiness with as many people as we can. After all, happiness is only real when shared!
In the days leading up to March 20th we were elated to hear that clients and non clients alike wanted to help us make this year a success.
Word of the “On a note of Kindness” event spread like wildfire. By 6am Wednesday, the crowds were gathering…

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith along with his wife Nicole Dyer-Griffith were in attendance and took the opportunity to share what Trinidad and Tobago what truly made them Happy.
Commissioner Griffith also took some time to greet citizens, surly adding a great deal of happiness to their day.

Local musician, Kevon Carter was on hand to serenade the hundreds in attendance, while our in house host Greame Conyette allowed even the youngest among us to share what makes them happy…

An event like this tends to give us a different outlook on life, we often take things for granted and are so caught up with our own lives that we don’t think about others. But for Shaniel Ramsaroop, even though he is in the midst of launching his own new business, Shan Events, he took the initiative to get involved and share happiness. Shan events sponsored Cotton Candy to over 1000 people on Happiness Day.

Our guests also enjoyed Pizza from Pizza Hut, Doubles from Chatterbox Catering, Bake and Shark from Richard’s Bake and Shark and Refreshments from our in-house Cups of Kindness Coffee, Oasis Water and Starbucks coffee.

Pizza Hut Pizza

Chatterbox Doubles

Richard’s Bake and Shark

Cups of Kindness from ReThink

Oasis water

Starkbucks coffee

Inspired by the activities taking place in Trinidad by ReThink, Starbucks, Avenida Escazu, Costa Rica enjoined the effort.

Starbucks Avenida Escazu, Costa Rica

The ReThink Personal and Organisational Transformation Centre wishes to thank its sponsors, team and members of the public for making this event a success each year. See you in 2020!