February 9, 2021


There are 6,500 languages spoken in the world today.
You’re invited to learn one of the most important you will ever speak.

What is that language?
The language of human connection spoken through shared intangible values.

This course will shift your perspective on how opinions, beliefs, feelings and decisions are arrived at and the way our world today is communicating. 

The trademarked branding methodology, Intangience, is validated and certified by the renowned United Nations established University for Peace as a certificate course offered globally to business organisations and students. Currently available in English the course is being translated into other languages which will be made available through the University as well as directly with ReThink.

Intangience™ has already been shared with a panel of professors and educators at the University of Peace and several hundred participants have gone through the course with rave reviews and responses. Unquestionably, Intangience™ has proven itself to be a unique and valuable school of thought.

What is Intangience™ ?

Intangience™ is a portmanteau of the phrases intangible values and the science of human connection.

It is a unique methodology that teaches how to best define a brand and create a compelling brand story which emotionally connects with consumers.

Intangience™ is comprised of three schools of thought :
1. Pillars of Purpose
These are the three  building blocks upon which the brand architecture is structured. It is an introspective process through which three questions help define the brand identity, purpose, legacy and a universal truth about the industry or environment in which it lives.

2. Currency of Conversation 
These are the three points of reference which determine how the currency of a brand reputation and popularity is traded.

3. Science of Human Connection. 
These are the three underlying principles that dictate how a brand creates lasting, meaningful emotional connections with consumers.

Each of these will in turn reveal what makes up a compelling brand story, its influence on human behavior and how you can use it for positive purposes.

Shift your perspective

• You will learn how major global organizations and brands are using the techniques of both developing and measuring intangible values to create their success.

• You will understand the science of human connection used by some of the world’s best-selling brands and see the compelling evidence of how the strategies and techniques they deploy create strong emotional connections with consumers across all borders and cultures.

• You will learn the Intangience™ theory that unlocks how ideas are popularized and the ways in which virality of the brand message is achieved.

• You will discover the art of developing your brand story in a way that resonates and builds a legacy.

The talk is fast paced and thought provoking using storytelling, brief video clips and audience interaction to unravel a complex subject making it an engaging, highly entertaining and profoundly insightful experience.

Who created Intangience™?

Ernie Ross developed the methodology based upon his decades at the creative helm of a branding and advertising agency called Ross | ReThink.

The firm has won an historic number of international awards while Intangience™ been recognized by the United Nations established University for Peace through which the body of work of Ross is delivered as a certificate course to students and business organizations globally.

What is unique about the methodology ?

It teaches anyone from street vendors to NGO’s and those promoting causes how to use the very techniques and strategies successfully deployed by major brands and corporations.

Using a series of proprietary approaches it provides a step by step approach on how to develop a compelling story built around purpose and shared intangible values that emotionally connects with others.

Why Intangience™?

The Intangience™ body of work and talks have been successfully  delivered to large audiences across several countries and now more than ever people who have lost their jobs or whose small, emerging businesses are under threat need fresh solutions and new thinking. It is high  time purpose driven organisations, NGO’s and causes level the playing field and learn techniques used usually for profit and apply them instead towards influencing behaviors for positive impact and greater purpose. 

Students will find it a fascinating journey of learning that reveals compelling evidence of the way in which brands are being developed and market demand influenced. 

Large corporations already invest in the Intangience™ methodology and ensured hundreds of their employees are given exposure to it.

* Emerging brands and those individuals who have lost their jobs and are looking to establish a business and who qualify through an application process, can access the course at no cost.