August 7, 2018

In Pursuit Of Happiness

ReThink’s philosophy is founded on the connection between people and their life’s purpose. While we are all on separate journeys, we strive to achieve one great state of being and that is happiness!
Ultimately, your happiness is your responsibility. There may be circumstances in life that impact the state of your happiness, but you are the only one who can continuously maintain and rebuild your happiness as needed.
When we are happy it makes being happy with other people much easier, and in 2017 Forbes Magazine recommended 10 habits that add to your feeling of happiness. Get excited and try them out!

1. They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures.
Mindfulness and gratitude. The time it takes to appreciate life’s blessings both big and small gives you a greater outlook on life. Happy people know how important it is to savour the taste of their meal, revel in the amazing conversation they just had, or even just step outside to take a deep breath of fresh air.

Stay tuned as we continue the journey to building healthy habits.