A story of survival, a Tuba and the small miracle of a big dream. Register now for this one-of-a kind inspirational event.


A story of survival, a Tuba and the small miracle of a big dream. Register now for this one-of-a kind inspirational event.

I'mpossible: A Story of Survival, A Tuba, and the Small Miracle of A Big Dream.

Have you ever had a dream you were passionate about but had no idea how to start?


Maybe there’s a business you’ve started but you’ve failed more times than you can count and you feel defeated.


What if we told you that your transformation is closer than you realise? With the right amount of belief and some work, you can transform your entire life. You can make anything Possible!


Dr. Richard Antoine White, PhD is a Professor of Tuba/Euphonium at The University of New Mexico, and a Principal Tubist of the New Mexico Philharmonic Santa Fe Symphony.


He’s also a best selling author of the book, I’m Possible and international motivational speaker. However Dr. White started his journery far from the hallowed halls of a university. Dr. White was born to an alcoholic mother, who would often go missing on her drink binges forcing him to go out and look for her. On one of these missions he almost died in the bitter Baltimore winter. But this near-death experience turn into a rebirth. A rebirth that led to him being set on a new path of rediscovery and triumph.


A path that saw him become the first ever African American to earn a PhD in Tuba! Dr. White shares his inspirational story of grit, determination and success in his book and now, he will share it with you.



I’mpossible will be held at the Lord Kitchener Auditorium at the National Academy for Performing Arts, Queen’s Park West Port of Spain


Dr. White will share his story, and you will have a chance to ask your burning questions and enjoy a soulful performance of the Tuba


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Dr. White’s powerful story of hope and triumph is one that not only forces us to rethink the way we view failure, and defeat, but it’s a timely reminder that even when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, one minor change and relentless grit can can re-write the script of your life. We believe strongly that his story is one we all need to hear, especially now, in a post pandemic world


This seminar is ideal for:

  • Business students
  • New Entrepreneurs
  • Vendorpreneurs
  • Personal development enthusiasts
  • Students of music

Everyone has the chance to make a choice to enact change in their lives. This is your chance to listen to one man’s story and use it to initiate your change and to go after your possibilities. You will laugh, you might cry but most of all you will walk away inspired and ready to take action. Register for your free ticket now.


January 24th, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

The Lord Kitchener Auditorium, NAPA, Queen’s Park West Port of Spain

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