August 17, 2018

Expandals Goes Commercial

In 2016, The Shoe that grows was highlighted on ReThink’s website and showcased Guyana’s first lady’s passion for the Kind Soles initiative providing “growing shoes” to children in need. Just two years later in 2018, the newly named “Expandals” has become an item on the commercial market, attracting both kids and adults worldwide!

The Shoe that Grows

Here’s a bit of history…
GroFive Footwear
Ten years ago, a young man from Idaho named Kenton Lee traveled the world for a year after graduating college. While living and working at an orphanage in Kenya, he saw many kids struggling to wear poorly-fitting shoes they had already outgrown. He was inspired with an idea for a growing shoe that could expand and adjust up to 5 sizes, so that kids around the world wouldn’t need to buy new shoes every time their feet grew. The Shoe That Grows was created and have sent over 175,000 pairs of The Shoe to kids in almost 100 countries. Along the way parents have been asking “how can I get a pair for my kids and for myself?”. And from this the commercial Expandal was made by a new company called GroFive. The Expandal is the one and only sandal designed to expand and grow with your kids.
The new design “Expandals” and are beginning to offer them under the brand “GroFive”. And for the first time we’re excited to offer this design to families everywhere.

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