June 22, 2021

BandofSupport.org offers help to those in need

At a time when the pandemic wreaks havoc in Trinidad and Tobago, we need to be there for each other now more than ever before…

Now comes a unique way to bring all those who wish to help together with everyone who needs it.

Imagine a virtual resource comprising a band of people who have enlisted to support others in need. This Band of Support can offer just about anything. It can be a donation of so many hours of free plumbing, or electrician or mechanical services to those who need it. It could be that of a psychologist offering a block of professional time online for counselling. It can be a musically gifted person donating their talent to cheer others up. It can be an artist who can provide inspiring work to lift the spirit of someone else. It can be an offer of school books, clothing, groceries that could make such a huge difference in easing the burden upon someone who urgently needs those items. Each of these are examples of those who become part of the Band of Support offering help in some way, so that we fulfil the ideal of: Something to give, Someone to get.

The Band of Support becomes an investment of goodwill located through this online portal from which anyone who is in urgent need can access all kinds of support.

They can now go to this online resource, or call designated WhatsApp numbers to contact volunteers who are on standby to guide them through the Recipient Request Forms to identify the help they need. After identifying their needs, we then work to match those individuals with persons who are willing to offer the particular kind of support needed and requested. So the giver of the support is matched with those who want to receive the support required to help their particular circumstances.

Even registered NGO’s can now become enjoined through this Band of Support, by showcasing their needs there and by offering their own resources to others in some way. The Band of Support therefore becomes this huge, powerful repository of people pledging various kinds of support and others registering their individual urgent needs. By bringing these groups together, the Band of support grows.

No financial contributions are accepted by the Band of Support. Volunteers to assist with compiling the inventory of the Band of Support are always needed.

This is an initiative of Ross | ReThink in collaboration with Ansa McAL and a growing number of members from the corporate community and well established NGO’s. Xtra Foods and Fineline Distributors have contributed to the Band of Support in the area of food. Label House has donated the signage for the vans which in turn were provided through the kind courtesy of Ansa Motors. The Band of Support opens with the contribution of scores of people and organizations ready, willing and able to help.

Visit: https://bandofsupport.org/

Whatsapp: 344-4BOS (4267) OR 267-4BOS (4267)