December 8, 2015

5 Ways To Show Your Giving Spirit this Christmas

by Kristie Farfan

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful times of the year, with an abundance of family and friends, laughter and warmth, delicious food and gift-giving. Unfortunately, the season doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone, and for some, Christmas might be one the loneliest or most difficult periods, as a result of great loss or financial constraints. It is with these individuals in mind that I ask myself to same question every year, “How can I make someone’s Christmas even a little brighter?”

The answer is never grand and the effort on my part is usually minimal, but the reward of seeing the appreciation in the eyes of strangers is always worth it. As we count down to December 25 with our 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness, here are 5 particularly easy and affordable kind gestures you can do this season to spread the Christmas cheer.

1. Donate gently used clothes to charity

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The end of the year is always a great time to go through your closet and clear out items you no longer wear or your children have outgrown. There are many out there who would greatly appreciate your gently used clothes so instead of throwing those items away, give them to a reputable charity who will pass them on to a family or persons in need.

2. Donate books you no longer read


Not everyone who loves to read has access to books. So many of us have started reading books online and we have shelves of old novels that are ignored. Donate these books to your community library so those who utilise its services can have access to them.

3. Buy a gift for a child in need


Most children adore christmas for the gifts and excitement that surrounds the season, but it’s not all presents and quality time with family for some of our nation’s youth. So many children have no a family to spend time with for the holidays, and this means no gifts on Christmas Day. You can change that by donating a gift to an orphanage or toy drive and make that day a whole lot brighter for a child in need.

4. Give up your spot in line  


Unfortunately respect and politeness are concepts that are becoming increasingly lost in our society. Christmas is a great time to reinforce these basic traits so next time you’re in line while doing your errands, give up your space in line to an elderly person, or someone with young children. It’s a simple kind gesture that will certainly brighten up their day.

5. Treat Someone to a Christmas Meal


Over the Christmas holidays we all cook so much yummy food and desserts to share with family and friends. Some might even go to waste. This year, put aside a plate for a homeless person or, if you have enough to spare, you can pack up containers of food for a family in need. They also deserve to taste the joys of Christmas ham and pastelles!

Now that we’ve given you these manageable Christmas gestures to begin putting into practice immediately, we’re happy to present you with an opportunity to submit your most earnest wish for Christmas 2015 through our ReThink a Wish programme.

Last year, we granted scores of wishes, from groceries to household appliances, and it was magical. This year, we can’t wait to do it all again so help us give back to Trinidad and Tobago by submitting your wish before December 14, 2015.

Season’s Greetings!